QwikCom Portable Wireless Broadband

QwikCom is a portable wireless broadband system that supplies voice, video and data communications to rural or remote areas. QwikCom units can be mounted on a trailer or a tripod, and shipped via truck or air. QwikCom units are totally self-sufficient in communications and power. QwikCom units are connected to a satellite through an onboard dish and distribute wireless broadband internet through its wi-fi antenna, allowing access within a 1 km+ radius from the QwikCom unit’s location.

QwikCom unit with side panels removed.

Optional equipment includes day and night-vision cameras, electrical generator or solar panels, and battery back-up if required. QwikCom units also act as a charge station for cellular phones.

QwikCom can be quickly delivered to areas to provide wireless internet access to disaster zones, where all communication and power infrastructure has been destroyed. For disaster recovery, the QwikCom portable wireless broadband system is critical to recovery efforts, as communication is paramount to get the supplies and equipment to disaster-affected areas quickly.

QwikCom units can also provide internet connectivity to any rural or remote area, construction site or movie set, regardless of location.

QwikCom systems equipped with day and night vision cameras are also capable of acting as surveillance systems for border control, intelligent transportation management, pipeline monitoring and secure plant, mine or warehouse monitoring.

QwikCom Features:

  • Satellite Backhaul
  • Supports Video, Voice Data
  • On-site Setup Maintenance
  • 7-24 Hour Battery Backup
  • Shore, Generator or Solar Power
  • A Variety of Video Cameras
  • Cellular Extenders
  • 7x24 Network Monitoring
  • Maintenance Support


Disaster Recovery

The requirement for portable wireless broadband systems for disaster recovery is critical to recovery efforts. Rapid response communications systems like QwikCom are essential to getting aid to disaster zones in a timely fashion.


The surveillance capability of QwikCom is an excellent feature for border control or security for ports and warehouses. It is also an excellent solution for oil pipeline monitoring, especially over waterways and wetlands.

The Market Size for QwikCom:

  • Potentially over $100 million per year Hundreds of QwikCom units would be required for border control for one country
  • The disaster recovery sector is a large market in countries affected by hurricanes such as coastal United States and the Caribbean
  • The Intelligent Traffic Management market is in the hundreds of QwikCom units for the US alone
  • Industrial markets are also significant: QwikCom units are suitable for monitoring pipelines over wetlands, mining operations, construction sites, etc.

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